Residential Reentry Center & Alternative-to-Incarceration

Brooklyn House Residential Reentry Center – is a 161-bed Residential Reentry Center (RRC), located in Brooklyn, NY, that serves federal offenders whose release is planned for the Eastern District of New York. Brooklyn House strives to equip its residents with independent living skills by offering intensive case management that utilizes evidenced-based approaches. Residents participate in comprehensive assessment, individualized goal setting, and life skills programming. Brooklyn House supports residents’ efforts to locate and secure employment as well as suitable permanent housing and to develop life skills that—combined with a secure job—will enable them to:  Plan, set and attain meaningful personal and financial goals, including family reunification; the development of parenting skills required to play a meaningful role in their child(ren)’s lives; and to reassess and/or improve interpersonal relationships. Residents with histories of substance abuse and/or mental illness are enrolled in carefully selected behavioral health treatment programs capable of helping bridge the transition back to their communities as responsible, productive citizens of New York.

Brooklyn House Incident Criminal Investigation Guideline

How to Report Incidents of Sexual Abuse

PREA Audit Report 2018

2017 Annual Report

Facility Director: Michael Lowe

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